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MTN Browsing Cheats

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How To Set-up Free Internet Connection Configuration

The Configuration Settings below has been designed for mobile ISP network users connecting with phones (or modem) in Nigeria. You may tailor it to your own need. Don't forget to drop a comment if need more assistance.

1. Install and Configure the PC suite that came with your network device (phone, dial-up modem or datacard) to work with your service provider.

2. Install and configure Y-F and OpenVPN software

3. Connect your phone/dial-up modem to network using its PC suite, then run Y-F software to bypass their firewall and start browsing the Internet for free.
NOTE - Any airtime you have left with your network operator (MTN or ZAIN) will be consumed as soon as you connect to the Internet, so I will like to advice you to get an MTN and/or ZAIN SIM card with little or no money left inside for this free browsing.

Installing and Configuring your phone (or dial-up modem) PC Suite
This is software that enables your PC to work with your phone or modem. If you use datacard (such as MTN F@stLink), the software is usually included as a read-only file in the device, but if you use phone, it normally comes on a CD-Rom with your phone when you buy it newly. It is not the same for all phone brands. If you don't have the one that came with your phone, you can get one from any nearby phone or software dealer. Another way to get it is through the website of your phone manufacturer. Still another way of getting this is through this software site http://www.getjar.com, it is free. If you use Nokia on MTN network, this becomes very simple, because you can easily get the Nokia PC suite software from software or phone dealers. When you install the suite, MTN network configuration is usually in-built as one of the selections during configuration. However, if you don't fall into this category, simply get your phone PC suite software through any of the means stated above, install and configure it automatically or manually. Automatic configuration is possible if your phone PC suite recognizes your network provider (MTN or ZAIN). Here you simply select your network provider from a list and the PC suite does the rest automatically. Otherwise, you will do the configuration manually.
If you use MTN F@stLink datacard modem, plug in the device then open My Computer, and when the device is detected, you will see a red-orange-yellow light bulb. Double-click on it to run the installation, and then follow the installation wizard. After installing the software the icon below will appear on your desktop.

If you use Nokia PC suite (or any phone type), the installation process is similar to that of MTN F@stLink. After installation, the icon below will appear on your desktop (For Nokia).

The installation process is usually simple and similar for most phones models. If you are asked to restart your PC after the installation process (though very rare) save all your work and do proceed with the restart.
Connect your network device if it is not yet connected, then double-click the relevant PC suite icon on your desktop to start configuration. If you are using MTN or ZAIN datacard modems, simply click on Connect when the program starts running. If you are using recent phone PC suites, search for the Internet connection button. This button is not the same for different phone modems.
The manual configuration settings for ZAIN and MTN networks are as follows:


APN: wap.ng.zain.com







APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net





NOTE: the exact field names for the above setting may differ a bit depending on your phone type. Also note that you can switch network simply by changing your SIM card. There is need for this when the signal strength of a particular network is not good enough. When you establish connection with your network provider, the network icon on your PC taskbar will change as follows

รจ      At this point you are connected but you cannot browse (you are restricted by your network operator’s firewall).

Install and configure Y-F and OpenVPN software
By now you must have the Y-F software ready. If you opted for email delivery, search for the download link which we sent to you, and then download it to your PC. If you opted for the other two means of delivery, then it has to be on a CD-Rom which you must have received from us. Double-click on the software to run set-up. If you downloaded it through email, it may be located on your desktop, but if you have it on CD-Rom, insert it then open My Computer, open your CD or DVD drive (as the case may be), then search for freedom. The icon looks like this

Double-click on it to start the installation process. Click next as many times as they appear, then click finish to complete the set-up process. When you finish the set-up process, "Your Freedom" icon (shown below) will appear on your desktop.

Double-click on this icon on the desktop to start the configuration settings. Two Y-F program windows will appear. Leave the one shown below and close the other.

Click on "Configure" to display the Configuration window. Use the settings below
Under YF Server, configure as follows:

server address: ems.your-freedom.net

port: 53

connection mode: UDP

Under Options, check the boxes for the fields below and enter the data where appropriate:

Reconnect after server shutdown

Socks 4/5 DNS lookups on server

Enable encryption

Enable rekeying
Minimum buffer size: 1500

Leave 'RTT measurements' and 'Keepalive interval' empty

Initial POST size: 10000000

Minimum POST size:20000

FTP mode: both

Leave the rest empty.

 Click on Proxy Settings tab and configure as follows:

proxy address: (this is optional, you may leave it empty)

proxy port: 53 (this is optional, you may leave it empty)

 Proxy Type: HTTP/HTTPS

Proxy Authentication: Any or none

Leave the rest empty

Click on Account Information tab and enter the account details we used to register you at Y-F. That is your UNIQUE username and password. This is strictly non-transferable.
Click on Save and Exit, and this window will close. The first Y-F window (the first one shown above) now becomes active.
Now that you have installed and configured your Y-F software, double-click on your OpenVPN software. The icon looks like this

It doesn’t need any configuration. Simply run the installation, and it will do the rest for you – that’s all for OpenVPN.
If you have established connection with your phone network provider, click the "Start Connection" button on the Y-F program and that's all! As soon as the door becomes open you are ready to start browsing the Internet for free. Below are the door images and their interpretations
Connection not started (click "Start Connection" to connect)
Trying to connect (wait a moment for Y-F to connect, you can click "Restart connection", or "Stop connection" and then "Start connection" again)
Connected (You can start browsing the Internet)
 Connected with more bandwidth. Faster this time.
The good thing about this new Y-F settings is that it automatically searches for the best server for you. So there's no need for you to manually switch between Y-F servers.

Where To Get Free Internet Browsing Software

Go to Your Freedom website to download one.Then create and account with them, which you will use to configure the free browsing software.

How To Set-up Free Internet Connection

This is simply a means by which one can bypass tolls connect and browse the internet 'free'. You need the software, the settings and then a means through which you can link up to the Internet (usually an ISP). ISP means Internet Service Provider. Knowing the IP address of your ISP is very important - it forms a link between you and the ISP. An example of IP address is . Before I forget, IP is the acronym for Internet Protocol, a number used to identify one machine from another on the Internet. While the software will serve to bypass firewall checks, the settings will provide it with the necessary information it needs in order to trick your ISP into linking it up to a proxy server stationed elsewhere.

However, this type of connection cannot in any way be considered as an ideal way to connect to the internet. It can only be considered an emergency means of connecting to the internet! Apart from toll bypass, it can also be used to fight censorship in information-restricted countries - which is at the very heart of this blog.

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